Stain Vs Paint Decks

Wood is a beautiful structure that is strong, comforting and reminiscent of nature in loving ways. It does come with a price, aside from the cost, it also comes with care and maintenance to preserve it’s beauty and strength for years to come. Alternatives are quite easy to care for. These alternatives could be fake […]

When is the Best Time to Stain Your Deck?

When it comes to staining your deck, choosing the best time to do so can make a rather tough decision. Why? Because staining your deck requires perfect timing. If you stain your deck at the wrong time, you can wave goodbye to your good looking deck, and say hello to one that you’ll be hankering […]

Defending Your Deck Against Winter

Fall has barely begun and weather channels already report serious snow or rain storms on their way. Now is the best time to protect your deck, before winter gets a stronger grip than it already has. Like most homeowners, you probably have a list of outside “seasonal” chores to attend to each year. Protecting your […]

Fall Cleanup Tips for Wood and Vinyl Decks

Cleaning and maintaining your deck is just as important as performing regular maintenance on your house. A wood or vinyl deck adds beauty as well as functionality for backyard barbecues and outdoor parties. With fall approaching, it pays to take a few steps toward protecting your deck to avoid costly repairs later. Here are a […]

The Options Available For A Beautifully Stained Deck

A solid deck stain can change almost any deck from ragged to remarkable. There are several ways to conceal the age of the structure. The first is to choose a colored deck stain, then test it out the in the same way as paint. Try it out in an inconspicuous area for just a square […]

Deck Needs Cleaning? Skip The DIY And Opt For A Professional Cleaner

Throughout the year, people all over the country like to spend their time gazing into the world outside from the comfort of their decks and patios. For some, these nooks and spots are often one of their favorite spaces in the area and in their homes and hold great significance to them. Whether you have […]

How Oxalic Acid Brighteners Can Enhance Your Deck

A deck staining project can take a long time, and be quite tedious and frustrating if you decide to do-it-yourself. You will spend hours applying your new coat of sealant only to find that it was applied unevenly. It can make the deck look discolored and uneven. So, it is always best to hire a […]

How to Keep Your Deck Clean

These days, most neighborhood homes have a front porch or back deck. These parts of a house require a decent amount of maintenance to look and function their best. Many homeowners know that they need to maintain their well, but they are not entirely sure how to go about doing it correctly; this can cause […]

A Quick Seasonal Maintenance List for Seasonal Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck well maintained every season is critical to ensuring your family’s safety when relaxing outside. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, proper maintenance can also save time and money years down the line. Keeping your deck in great shape can stave off a costly replacement for years, and by following this simple maintenance guide, […]

How to Ensure Your Deck is Safe for Your Family

Wooden decks remain one of the most widely used exterior parts of a home in the current epoch. The natural appearance of a wood deck brings a notion of the lively mood of the house. It provides an excellent place for one to relax while feeling connected to nature and enjoying the sunlight. It has […]