Maintain Your Deck Like Any Investment

You have the backyard deck of your dreams as part of your house. It stands out among the rest with the fresh smell of new wood used in its construction. However, after some time the deck can start to lose its shine. The grill comes out, family and pets constantly travel back and forth on […]

The Process You Can Expect From Deck Refinishing

Decks are an integral part of your home’s value, but they inevitably wear out over time. Just like other areas of your house, a deck requires the proper maintenance to stay shape. Even then, the wood surface may be in need of a refinishing job. You might be tempted to perform the job by yourself, […]

Stain Your Deck to Bring Out Its Beautiful Design

A stained deck is a thing of beauty. While untreated wood has its own great characteristics, the right stain can further highlight them. Deck stain naturally enhances the grain of the wood and makes maintained decks look gorgeous. In addition, it can also help to protect the entire surface area from outside factors such as […]

The Importance of Having Professionals Clean a Deck

The deck on your home is the perfect spot to socialize with friends and grill out. Its functionality makes it an important part of the home, as well as a major factor in how much your house is worth. However, as an outdoor space it collects dirt and debris over time due to weather and […]

Deck Washing and Cleaning Tips to Make this Winter Cleaner

Cleaning during the winter season is always much harder than others owing to the numerous environmental factors that come into play. If not done right, there is a lot of scope for things to go wrong with the work that one does. Special care needs to be taken while doing tasks like cleaning your deck […]

Top Tips to Protect your Deck this Winter

Smart homeowners regard seasonal changes that can wreak havoc on decks unless proper maintenance gets made. As a fall is almost beginning, it marks a convenient time to give a thought to how you are going to maintain and prepare your decking material for the change in seasons. Well maintained decks give a home a […]

Stain Vs Paint Decks

Wood is a beautiful structure that is strong, comforting and reminiscent of nature in loving ways. It does come with a price, aside from the cost, it also comes with care and maintenance to preserve it’s beauty and strength for years to come. Alternatives are quite easy to care for. These alternatives could be fake […]

When is the Best Time to Stain Your Deck?

When it comes to staining your deck, choosing the best time to do so can make a rather tough decision. Why? Because staining your deck requires perfect timing. If you stain your deck at the wrong time, you can wave goodbye to your good looking deck, and say hello to one that you’ll be hankering […]

Defending Your Deck Against Winter

Fall has barely begun and weather channels already report serious snow or rain storms on their way. Now is the best time to protect your deck, before winter gets a stronger grip than it already has. Like most homeowners, you probably have a list of outside “seasonal” chores to attend to each year. Protecting your […]

Fall Cleanup Tips for Wood and Vinyl Decks

Cleaning and maintaining your deck is just as important as performing regular maintenance on your house. A wood or vinyl deck adds beauty as well as functionality for backyard barbecues and outdoor parties. With fall approaching, it pays to take a few steps toward protecting your deck to avoid costly repairs later. Here are a […]