How to Keep Your Deck Clean

These days, most neighborhood homes have a front porch or back deck. These parts of a house require a decent amount of maintenance to look and function their best. Many homeowners know that they need to maintain their well, but they are not entirely sure how to go about doing it correctly; this can cause […]

A Quick Seasonal Maintenance List for Seasonal Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck well maintained every season is critical to ensuring your family’s safety when relaxing outside. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, proper maintenance can also save time and money years down the line. Keeping your deck in great shape can stave off a costly replacement for years, and by following this simple maintenance guide, […]

How to Ensure Your Deck is Safe for Your Family

Wooden decks remain one of the most widely used exterior parts of a home in the current epoch. The natural appearance of a wood deck brings a notion of the lively mood of the house. It provides an excellent place for one to relax while feeling connected to nature and enjoying the sunlight. It has […]

The Process of Sealing a Deck

The sole purpose of sealing a deck is to protect it. Harmful UV Rays, rain, snow, and foot traffic can hurt your deck over time, but with proper maintenance and protection, the wood on your deck can last you a long period with maximum safety! So, where do you start? First, it is best to […]

How to Decide Which Wood Cut is Best for Your Ideal Deck

One of the hardest parts about building a deck is correctly installing the boards. Luckily, a group of deck resurfacing experts in Chicago helped to compile this informational guide about how deck board installation should happen. Firstly, it is imperative to know that boards come with three different cuts. These include Flat Grain cuts, Heart cuts, […]

Protect Your Deck for the Winter

As September comes and goes, it is important to remember that Winter is just beyond the horizon. Winter brings its own set of threats to your home or your deck; this is especially true if you live in a place that receives heavy snow, a lot of ice, hail, and more. Your deck can’t burrow […]

Protect the Investment That is Your Deck

The best thing you can do to protect an investment like your deck is to keep it well maintained. Deck sealing in Naperville is the best way to do this. It creates a stronger, more durable, longer lasting finish over the top of the materials used to build your deck. The most important reason for […]

What to Do When You Notice Your Deck is Changing

You go outside on a warm Summer morning and notice that your deck is looking a little drab under the Summer sun. You see the wood has changed color a little, or a couple of nails are starting to come loose. Maybe you notice that some boards are creaking a little, or one is starting […]

Sealing Your Fence to Protect It From the Elements

Homeowners always link sealants to a porch or deck staining. There’s no fault in that because advertisements show that sealants are made to go on your back deck, front porch, etc. However, this product has more than one use. You can use sealants on most outdoor wood, so it’s important to think of where you’re […]

How to Make Deck Maintenance Easier

Decking is one of the biggest assets within your home. People purchase houses for the kitchen, the master bathroom, and the backyard. The backyard includes a beautiful deck. A back deck with splitting or missing wood is unappealing and digs into the actual value of your home. Because of this, it is important to keep […]