Accent Your Home with a Beautiful Deck

We’ve all seen those gorgeous decks where the wood is rich in color and matches the house’s color scheme perfectly. Decks can be an ugly drawback to a house or an absolutely beautiful addition to a house. It all depends on whether or not it is maintained well and the right color stain is chosen […]

Don’t Have Your Deck in a DIY Fail Video

DIY projects have been all the rage among homeowners lately. However, we’ve all seen homeowners bite off a bigger project than they can chew and messing up the project that was originally intended to improve their home. We’ve all seen the fail videos and pictures all over the internet. You do not want to become […]

Summertime is officially here

Summer time is officially here! This means that your outdoor deck will become a place of fun, entertainment, maybe even a place to cook s’mores, or a tanning salon. Although this means a lot of great fun for your friends and family, it also means that your deck will endure a lot of foot traffic […]

Reduce and Eliminate Warping of Your Deck

Maintaining the outside of a house is a lot harder than maintaining the inside. When you think about it, the outside of a house takes a lot more stress. Between rain, snow, sunlight, heat, hail, or even pollen and wind, it is noticeable that the outside of your house will wither away and slowly increase […]

Deck Maintenance for Safety

Preventing deck related accidents is at the forefront of building new decks as well as repairing old ones. Although deck accidents are most often very small, they can also be very catastrophic. Quite recently, six people as well as an infant were all injured when a second story deck collapsed at a residential property. This […]

Deck board Installation

Deck installation can be a very complicated process. Although it can be done as a DIY project, the risks of “doing it yourself” can be detrimental to your home or even yourself. This is one of the many reasons it is highly recommended to hire a professional to install boards for your deck. Following are […]

Staining and Sealing a Log Cabin

Log homes and cabins are absolutely beautiful to look at, and possibly even better to live in. Although they are quite stunning to look at, this can quickly deteriorate if they are not taken care of, but with a little tender, loving care every few years, your log home will look brand new, all the […]

Facelift for Your Deck

There comes a point in time when every house needs a bit of a facelift. Sometimes, this facelift happens at the back of the house. The deck of a house is essential to ensuring your home is living up to its true value. It also helps to have a beautiful deck to enjoy whether it […]

Sunscreen for your Deck

Everyone knows the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays on human skin. Even a short thirty minutes in the sun can have awful effects on your skin. However, most people don’t know of the terrible effects the sun’s rays can have on your deck. In this case, human skin and your deck’s wood are very similar […]

Get Your Playset Ready for Summer

As Summertime rolls around, children begin to climb, crawl, and canter their playgrounds. An essential part of these playgrounds are the beloved playsets complete with rock walls, swings, slides, and other fun activities. However, without proper upkeep, these playsets can be dangerous and harmful areas for children to play. It’s time to call in a […]