Exterior House Staining/Painting

Your house siding, like every other part of your home, needs to be maintained. Having a Deck Tech Technician professionally clean and stain/paint your house adds value to your home and helps you maintain its appearance.

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Wash ProcessSealing Process

Wash Process

Washing house exterior wood surfaces includes the following steps:

SETUP: We begin by protecting the working area including any structures and/or surrounding landscaping.

WASH: A qualified Deck Tech Technician professionally power-washes all exterior wood surfaces. The technician then determines and regulates the required water pressure.

CLEAN: A commercial grade biodegradable cleaner is applied and rinsed from the wood surface in preparation for the sealing process.

COMPLETION: Upon completion, the surrounding work area is rinsed off.

Sealing Process

To conduct the sealing process of wood exteriors on houses (our final process) a crew of 3-4 qualified Deck Tech Technicians will return to the job site and perform the following steps:

SETUP: All potentially affected windows and frames are masked as well as any structures and/or surrounding landscaping.

STRUCTURE PREP:A qualified Deck Tech Technician thoroughly inspects the exterior of your entire home for any caulking issues prior to staining or painting.

STAIN/PLAINT: A minimum of 4 mil. of solid stain/paint product is applied to all wood surfaces.

CLEANUP: The surrounding job site area is thoroughly cleaned.