Reasons to use

Deck Tech

  1. We use a penetrating stain/sealant that saturates the wood
  2. It protects and preserves from the inside out
    They have been the best company to work with here in Carpentersville. They did our deck and playset and we couldn’t be happier!

    by MikePanico at Citysearch

  3. It never Chips or Peels
  4. It helps protect against harmful UV Rays
  5. It enhances the natural look
    From the time I got my estimate to the time I paid my invoice, Deck Tech was very professional. My deck looks beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! They used a color called California Cedar and it really made my deck look like new.

    by ColleenNvk at Citysearch

  6. Our product contains fungicides and mildewcides that help protect against rot
  7. We’ve restored over 42,000+ decks
  8. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service